Psyched about my first time! Advice please!

Hi community, Title. First time, would like to get advice and comments.

I've read up, googled, watched vids, did some research, and started preparing the EFI following the opencore guide based on expected hardware. Crossing fingers that this might work out.. I've yet to purchase the hardware, probably this weekend from some local stores. Please advise on the hardware. Much appreciated!

Intended use: catalina as main, must be able to handle music work - Mainstage, Logic Pro X. Will also partition m.2 for windows 10 for the occasional simple games. Not a gamer.

Planned setup: Gigabyte h410m h i5 10400f Sapphire AMD radeon rx470 4gb Gskill ripjaws V 3000MHz kit 16gb Crucial P1 NVME, 500gb Seagate barracuda Q1 SSD, 500gb CM hyper t20 cpu cooler Tecware alpha M Will look for some wifi/bluetooth broadcom card soon...

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