OCB StartImage Failed

Ok I am using the following:

Gigabyte z390 elite I7-9700 Open core 0.6.3

All updated drivers etc. I just migrated from Clover.

Everything boots fine with Catalina etc, so I decided to just go for it and hit the Upgrade from the OS and when it reboots it gives me the MacOS Install partition, when I click it I get the StartImage Failed error. If I go back and attempt to boot the Catalina drive, same thing happens.

If I reboot, I can get into Catalina by choosing that boot drive first. If I choose the installer this continues to happen.

I attempted to create a new USB stick with installer and sanity checked Config and I get the exact same error booting from USB and attempting either the full installer or the MacOS install partition ...

I’m a total loss and would be grateful for anyone’s advice. I have 2 other real Macs, an iMac and MacBook which I have updated but I would love to update the HackPro.


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