New installation incoming. Need advices

Hi guys,

I want to run a dual boot of Mac and W10 on my computer one space to play and the other to work.

So i let you my config here : Motherboard : Asus rog strix x-99 CPU : I7 6800K GPU : KFA2 GTX 1070 RAM : 4X8 GO DDR4 3200 Mhz Cas15 SSD m.2 : 1To Crucial P2 (this one for windows) SSD 2.5" : 500 Go Crucial MX500 (this one for the MacOs) HDD : 3 To Seagate ( i just want to know what which partition he need to be so i can write and read it on it on both OS)

I got a USB 3.0 of 32 GO for the USB bootable OS so it's ok i think.

I pretty much know a bit of the installation cause i saw a video on YouTube that shows how to install it but with newer CPU and Motherboard set.

I know also that i'm gonna have to install high sierra version of MacOs cause other news Os are not supported by my GTX 1070.

I also need the Wi-Fi cause i can't be in ethernet so if i can know the Kext for that it will be appreciated.

If you know the list of the Kexts i need it will save me some times and for the Clover configuration i think i'll be fine with the GitHub :)

Thanks everyone who participate !

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