New build, DRM broken on Big Sur

I pretty much finished installing macOS on Ryzen. I thought it was a waste of time when I bought Ryzen few months ago so I didn't bother, but I really missed macOS.

Like on previous hack based on i5-4460 and H81 motherboard, sleep doesn't work (but I can live with that) and DRM was broken since Mojave, at least in Safari. On Ryzen at least I got all USB working and honestly, documentation is so great that it was a breeze compared to Haswell and Clover.

Most important parts are:

ASRock A320M-HDV R3.0

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

ASUS Strix RX570 4GB

HP Z27s

I checked everything accordingly to Vanilla OpenCore Guide. Decoder is working, DRM supposedly as well (trailer of spiderman on amazon plays in safari). I even set shikigva 128 in OpenCore since I'm using iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS (also tried values 80 and 144, didn't change anything). And yet, Netflix plays sound and subtitles but screen remains red on Safari. Playing something on Apple TV+ results in same issue but with green screen instead. Worth noting that trailers on both Netflix and Apple TV+ play fine, so it's surely a DRM issue.

I have two ideas what might be the cause:

  1. WhateverGreen isn't working perfectly with Big Sur just yet
  2. My monitor is 4K, but doesn't support HDCP2.2 required to play 4K content

In theory if my monitor is an issue, then it should just scale the resolution down to 1080p (it worked back in High Sierra days). But even older titles on Netflix that doesn't have 4K are having issues. I can check with newer monitor that supports HDCP2.2 but it would be a pain in the butt to move the computer (but probably will do tomorrow).

Any other ideas maybe?

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