iTunes Randomly Plays Music

Due to a horrid accident (my fault) when my hackintosh running Clover and Mojave was booting up, an object dropped on my case and caused some error where one of my HDD holding gigabytes of audio files was corrupted. Tried having someone replace the read/write heads but no long. The drive was lost.

Fast forward a year later and I am now running Opencore and Catalina.

I am in the process of re-ripping all my CDs (yes I am a dinosaur) to MP3 and moving them to a RAID 10 Synology NAS with 4 bays.

Randomly, while importing a CD or updating the artwork, iTunes will randomly start playing songs I have ripped. I go an clear "Playing Next" but it happens again, but this time its a different batch of songs!

Very frustrating and cannot figure out why.

Any ideas?

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