How will you future proof your hackintosh setup?

So given that the M1 is here and the death of the Intel Mac is upon us, how many of you are actually genuinely concerned ?

For my workflow, if SW requirements go beyond Mojave I’ll have to abandon ship as Catalina/bigsur is a hard no for me with respect to verification of signed apps etc.

I’m currently on a high Sierra setup that I expect to last me the next 3-5 years at least. In 2021 I plan to prepare for the eventual Mojave transfer by slowly purchasing components for a 9th gen i9 Intel system. When Mojave gets dropped AND I can’t somehow live without the newest software I will just embrace buying a real Mac with the hope that the transition has obviously settled then.

Basically my point is that for me at least the hackintosh dream is easily alive and well through 2030. Outside of those that need Xcode and other apps that must be updated, why be concerned ?

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