Help to change graphic

I made an hackintosh in 2013 but now I need to upgrade the os from Sierra to Mojave or Catalina as more and more applications are incompatible on my system.

My config is : - Motherboard : gigabyte z77n mini-itx - Proc : ivy bridge core i5-3570k (with Intel® HD Graphics 4000) - Graphic card : gtx 660 - Ram : 16gb - SSD : 1To

I saw that my graphic card (gtx 660) is now longer supported natively if I upgrade the os. And even with the nvidia web drivers it won’t be possible to use it.

So I have to change my graphic card (or use the internal graphic) But which one ?

I need a small graphic card, no too powerful (but if I spend something, I would like a graphic card at least as powerful as my 660) and not to expensive. If it is natively supported by the os, it is better of course.

Is there someone who can help me ? Please ?

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