[HELP] Hackintosh can't connect to Logitech MX Master/Anywhere mouse

Anybody else having difficulties connecting their logitech mx master/anywhere mouse to a hackintosh via bluetooth? It just keeps connecting but never gets connected. MacOS can only detect the mouse when i use the usb dongle included with the mouse but thats so annoying as i run an ultrabook and that leaves me with my only usb a port occupied. I have already tried everything i could, switching between the 3 bluetooth profiles that the mouse has, removing buetooth device and re-adding it, forget device and re-adding. I dualboot with windows and bluetooth works just fine on it. I connect the mouse to my ipad via another bluetooth profile and it works well too. Heck, it even works with my phone via profile 3. Basically it works with every device ive tried except hackintosh. Bluetooth is woeking perfectly fine on my hackintosh, as im able to find other bluetooth devices and connect to them successfully (wireless earbuds, external speakers, keyboard, ipad, phone etc). Its just this mouse thats driving me crazy Ive searched online for this issue and some people are facing it as well but cant find a solution for it. If anyone could help me with this, would be much much appreciated. I'm specifically runnning a MX Anywhere 2S

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