First Hackintosh Troubles

Hi folks! I’m in the midst of my first Hackintosh attempt and have found myself stuck on a few critical points. I am attempting to dual-boot my new GPD Win Max ( using this guide: Things have gone relatively smoothly, and I have an ostensibly operational installation of Catalina. However, there are two critical issues that are making it somewhat less than useable:

  1. WiFi works and recognizes nearby networks but won’t connect. The chip is recognized as “Airport Extreme” by Mac OS, I can’t find additional information about it elsewhere.

  2. The unit uses an internal USB port to enable the built-in game controls to work either as a mouse or as a gamepad. Mac OS recognizes the mouse out of the box, but it doesn’t recognize the gamepad at all. Hackintools DOES recognize the controller when I flip the switch on the device, but I can’t get this passed along to the rest of the software.

I’m extremely new to Hackintosh and realize I may be missing something obvious, so any help you can give is super appreciated! I’m also more than happy to provide more info if I don’t have enough here (not sure what all is needed). Thank you!

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