BCM94360NG does not work in Catalina properly

as far as i can tell this card does not actually work properly with catalina like everyone claims

yes airdrop work, yes bluetooth works, yes wifi is up, but airdrop is extremely slow, wifi is also slow but feels fast most of the time, because it maxes at around 12mbps

if u have this card and it works PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post proof that you have a link rate about 434mbps in catalina, if you have above this please post a speed test or some kinf of indicator showing atleast 100mbps throughput

this card needs to be properly confirmed working or not as these ebay and alibabba sellers should not say works in catalina 867mbps if you cant actually get it to work.

if you can get 100mbps+ throughput and link rate over 434mbps please report catalina build number, thanks!

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