What is your max wifi speed with hackintosh

I have a Hackintosh and a MacBook pro 2016. The max wifi speed on my Hackintosh is ~ 50% what of my Macbook pro. What can I do to get the maximum internet speed? I have a gigabit internet connection and I want to take advantage of it when I download large files.

My macbook pro usually get ~400Mbps tested on speedtest.net whereas my hackintosh gets ~220Mbps (both up/down link)

Router: Asus RT-AC66U (max wifi-ac 867 Mbps)

The Hackintosh specs are:
CPU: i7 4770k
MB: Asus Z87K
GPU: GTX 1080Ti
Wifi card: Fenvi HB1200 (connected through PCIE 2.0 1x ~ 500MB/s)

Thanks in advance.

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