Stuck at grey bootloader in Catalina Clover

Hey everyone! 👋😊

Im creating triple boot machine with linux manjaro, windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

I created bootable usb with macdaddys tool "X" something and then installed clover, i tried multiple different settings for it like "ESP, rc scripts on target volume", "for UEFI booting only", etc...

But im stuck with this grey boot manager or loader, idk looks weird and it leads me to nowhere, just loads it up again so i can't install macos.

Im wondering if the problem is in my BIOS? OR does anyone know the best settings for clover? I even put smc, green, etc in the other folder...

Im willing to give more specific information.

Specs: i7-6700k oc | msi rx 5700 xt (display port) | 2x8gb ddr4 ram | 260gb windows | 240gb for macos | 120gb linux manjaro | 2tb for games and other junk | Motherboard msi pc mate z170a

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