Sleep/Wake issue with my Hackintosh (10.15.7)

Hi Guys,

I have been fighting for the whole day to have my Hackintosh Catalina install (10.15.7) to go to sleep, but I am unable to achieve it yet, after a lot of tries where I need an expert's view on the same - since I am not that technical enough!

It switches the display, KB and Mouse off but the fans in the tower still keeps spinning and the tower stays awake. I am unable to bring it back from this state where I have to switch it off manually by holding the Power button and power it back ON everytime I try sleeping it.

I tried every possible fix, as below:

  • Power management works
  • USB Mapping is done and the kext is in place
  • iMac 15,1 is chosen as the Platform using GenSMBIOS as per Dortania's guide
  • Opencore 0.6.2 is implied with all the possible checks and it is found as non-defective when checked @ OpenCore Sanity Checker
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