Trying to Install macOS High Sierra Using Clover Bootloader

I don’t own a Mac (yet, I’m gonna get one soon) but I want to Hackintosh my old Dell laptop. It’s really old and can barely run Windows and Linux. Since I don’t own a Mac, I want to install a VM of macOS in VirtualBox or VMWare and use Clover on the VM to create a bootable USB flash drive (I prefer VBox but I’d be open to using either) but I can’t get the VM to work. I’ve tried VirtualBox and VMWare. I downloaded the ISO from [ISO River](, VirtualBox gets stuck on the VirtualBox logo and VMWare gives me an error saying that the guest OS ended the CPU and to shut down or reboot the VM and then it gets stuck on the Apple logo. The only way I was able to install a macOS VM on VMWare in the first place was by using the unlocker macOS patch. Please let me know how to fix these problems.

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