Safari reload/crashes

Hi all,

I recently built a hackintosh and just noticed my safari doesn't really work.

When I try to log in to, it get an error and Safari tries to reload and then eventually crashes. Sometime, I get an error message saying error happened repeatedly.

I tried with Catalina 10.15.6 and 10.15.7, and safari 14 and 13. So, I think it's not Apple's software problem. Safari also cannot load complex websites using javascript. But If I disable javascript, no error occurs. So, I am suspicious of iGPU settings.

My Hardware:
- CPU: i7-10700k
- Mobo: Asrock Z490 itx/tb3
- Bootloader: OC 0.6.2

Here's the Safari crash report:

I uploaded the snapshot of config.plist.

Another annoying problem is when I boot my computer, my monitor color is purple tinted. Monitor reports vivid HDR color is used. Also, monitor doesn't show up as a sound output option. When I turn off and on the monitor, color becomes correct & sound over HDMI works.

Huge thanks for any advices.

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