Ryzentosh died cross grade to team blue ( need help picking mobo )

Welp a thunderstorm took down my ryzentosh this past week and was thinking of switching to intel since I need to replace mobo / cpu... was looking for something that would work oob with few hacks!

What I have : VEGA 56 gpu,

2 xm.2 drives,

Matx form factor case,

16 gb of ram,

750 watt psu ,

USB Bluetooth adaptor,

USB WiFi adaptor,

Reasons to switch to intel is basically for the enchanted video rendering in fcp w intel gpu... I am a vj and I do a lot of h264 / pro res renders for proofs for clients. Plus was having stability issues with gpu w random crashes when taxing the gpu for long periods of time ( not sure gpu is fucked and hoping switching to team blue might also solve gpu issues ).

Budget for cpu / gpu is around 500$

Not worried about over clocking as stability is a major concern for shows, but planning on some light gaming on the dual boot side!

Cheers & happy Hackintoshing !

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