OpenCore iCloud and App Store Issues — Works on Clover, Doesn't Work on OpenCore

Hi folks,

I've been attempting to convert my Clover machine over to OpenCore for the past few days by following the Dortania guide. It's working mostly, but I've been unable to get iCloud or the App Store to work. They work fine through Clover, but not through OpenCore.

I've followed the troubleshooting steps on the Dortania "Fixing iServices" page.

  • I'm using the same SMBIOS information in both Clover and OpenCore. I've also tried new SMBIOS info in the OpenCore setup, verifying that it was invalid on Apple's website.
  • My ethernet connection shows correctly as en0 and as built-in in Hackintool. Despite that, I've tried manually specifying it as built-in in the config.plist within the DeviceProperties section.
  • My ROM is set correctly to the MAC address of my ethernet. I've verified that it is the same on my Clover install as on OpenCore.
  • I've verified that NVRAM is working in OpenCore.

I'm at a loss as to what to try next. I rely on iCloud and the App Store for using my computer, so I really need them both to continue. Any advice on anything else I could try?

Here are my Clover and OpenCore config.plists if that helps:

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