i9-10900k (benchmark) temps

Hey all,

Sorry if this is the wrong sub, but...

I ran Cinebench and the scores are where they should be (6515 multi, 536 single) but the CPU was running really hot while the benchmark was running, like 100C according to HWmonitor. I had activity monitor running and it didn’t seem to be throttling, but is that an ok temp? One other thing: HWmonitor only shows eight of my ten cores...does this mean that my fakeSMC could be set up wrong?

I’ve been having some h264 playback issues in Premiere, and was wondering if my thermal paste could be the culprit...or if it’s just Premiere sucking.

Thank you!


MacOS 10.15.6 Intel i9-10900k Gigabyte z490 Vision D 64GB RAM Vega 64

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