USB Ethernet adapters... compatibility?

I lost the LAN portion of my mobo recently so have no internet connection on my Asus MAXIMUS XI HERO based Hackintosh. Rather than muck about with RMA and mobo replacement I thought I would install another ethernet NIC. The PCI bus is fully occupied so that left ... USB 3.0 Ethernet adapters.

The first one I've tried is by J5Create. They claim their drivers work with OS up to Catalina. I installed their driver in the usual way, which put the kext in /Library/Extensions. Rebooted, and the device is not recognised. Tried different USB 3 ports on the mobo, no luck.

Mine is a Clover multiboot machine (don't throw things, please... it works quite well). So I tried moving the kext to the EFI partition on the boot drive, deleted it from /L/E and tried again. Still no joy.

If there is a known trick to making these Ethernet->USB dongles work on a Catalina Hackintosh, I'd love to know about it... otherwise i'll just have to wait for a dongle from a different mfr to arrive and try that instead. The J5Create one seems to be Asix based. I have no idea if that is good or bad... just trying to get my internet connectivity back...

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