Quadro K5200 down and I miss it

I’ve had my hardware running on Clover for over a year. “Production” machine. Stable. Never looked back. Friday morning my video froze. I rebooted and found that I could only boot back into OS X in VESA mode.

Thinking my trusty Nvidia Kepler-based K5200 had died, I grabbed a Fedora Linux USB distribution and the card works great. Drives both of my 4K monitors, full color. No glitches.

Admittedly not a Clover expert, and Opencore-curious, I dove in with the dartania guide. Finally got everything pulled together and booted with anticipation to find the same issue ... POST, verbose, black screen.

While I think my card is good, I’m thinking of jumping to a RX580 or similar, yet I can’t bring myself to spend $200 when Linux says the card is doing fine.

Help! While nvidia is sketchy, I’m using a Kepler card that was great in Mojave. How can I proceed?

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