Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.6 just came to a halt for no apparent reason

I have been using my hackintosh for almost a year now and very happy with it. Today out of the blue it just started acting like an old 386 pc with 1 gb of RAM (literally). To open up any app like Resolve 16, CorelDraw, and even Google Chrome takes a VERY VERY long time and then once Chrome opens it may or may not load any pages. For a few seconds I actually had Gmail load up and then it went right back to acting as if there is no connection. My PC sitting right beside it is running fine so wifi connectivity from this location is a non issue.

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this to happen? I am not a mac os guru and I followed a good tutorial to build and install the Mac OS on this machine. So mac tech knowledge is limited.

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