Mac Pro Vs Hackintosh

So I was strongly considering buying a new Mac Pro until I saw some Youtube videos about Mac Pro Killers by someone who isn't well liked on here. So now I'm considering if I should build a Hackintosh instead for a fraction of the price. I have some questions as I've obviously never built one before

Can they really compete with the new Mac Pros? From what I've seen they're pretty comparable but I'm not exactly sure what components are compatible with what. I want a very fast and powerful machine on par with a maxed out Mac Pro

One advantage of getting the base model Mac Pro is I can slowly upgrade it over time and I know it'll be rock solid stable right out of the box. I don't really want to invest hours and hours on troubleshooting components

Can Hackintosh run all the applications a Mac can? Does anything not work on Hackintosh?

Also I need to be able to run Thunderbolt 3 and an XDR display

Should I just get a Mac Pro or is Hackintosh really better? Any advantages of going Hackintosh vs Mac Pro or vice versa? (besides price)

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