boot failed; will sleep for 10 seconds before exiting... type 2

hi, i'm new here, and i'm very interested in hackintosh.

today i followed this tutorial to try to virtualize macos 10.15 catalina in vmware workspace 15.5.6, but this error appears seconds after the apple logo appears. I've tried to update the tools, I've tried changing the configuration file; I even restarted my real machine to see if it worked, and nothing, always the same error. I've tried finding it on forums, and even on the subreddit, but none of them were the same as mine.

yes, i already tried to do the trick of changing the machine for windows 10 x64 / other 64-bit

yes, i used the unlocker properly

yes, i already tried to increase my virtual ram

note: my processor is an amd a6-9500 dual core 3.50ghz with integrated amd radeon r5 card

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