Problems Switching From Gigabyte Z370M to Gigabyte H370N

My Hackintosh was working more or less perfectly when I was using a Gigabyte Z370M but was having hanging issues on boot after switching to a h370n. I was able to boot a couple of times, and stupidly switched out the EFI Folder with one I found online, and now it won't boot at all.

I'm essentially going to have to start from scratch. I'm having difficulty finding successful builds with an h370n motherboard that provide enough information to help me.

Are there major differences between the two motherboards that would cause my Hackintosh to stop working? I've previously used the Catalina installed that I found on Hackintosher. Would this work for an h370n?

My cpu is an i5 8400 and my gpu is a reference power color 5700 xt.

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