Please help me with my first hackintosh!

I have an old Dell Latitude e6410. It's a nice machine, with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD in the CD-DVD Bay, Qualcomm Killer Wireless 1103-N, and Intel Bluetooth 365 Module, with an ALPS trackpad and a generic PS2 Keyboard. It has an i7 M620 CPU, and a NVIDIA NVS 3100M with 512 MB of VRAM. I know that this PC CAN run macOS, as I have watched multiple people on the internet, but they all use a distro \gagging puke noises\** I have no access to a Mac, but I can run a Virtual Machine. Could someone please send a COMPLETELY functional guide? I'm new to this, but vow to not use a distro. I also need to know all the kexts that I need. Any help would be appreciated. I'm gonna start pulling my eyeballs out trying to make this work. I need the WiFI, keyboard, display and Audio to work!

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