Opencore: Back to Windows Issues

Running Catalina on a Dell Vostro 7590 (aka as the Inspiron 7590), using opencore. This machine contains a GTX 1650, which is disabled via acpi patches for mac for obv reasons.

I recently decided to do a full clean install back to windows using the Dell Bios Built-In Recovery Restore, which as I understand, downloads a factory image via ethernet and images the machine.

After doing this, everything seemed fine, windows boots normally, etc etc. However, now the machine will not recognize the GTX 1650 at all. I don't believe its a driver issue, as the GTX doesn't show in device manager, even with hidden devices showing and checking to see if maybe its in another category(besides 'display adapter') as an unrecognized device.

Did the opencore acpi configuration somehow stick through the imaging? Is there any way to restore the graphics card back to be recognized by windows?

I appreciate all the help in advance and apologize if this is a simple fix.

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