OpenCore 0.5.9 Sandy Bridge, black screen_ freeze.

OpenCore 0.5.9 Sandy Bridge, black screen_ freeze.

Hello everyone! I tried to setup High Sierra with Clover, but was recommended OpenCore, so here I am (using 0.5.9). My specs:

Mainboard: Asrock P67 pro3 (no iGPU port, so iGPU not used), supports UEFI

Processor: i7 2600k

GPU: Nvidia GTX 980

RAM: 16 GB (4x4GB)

Network adapter: Realtek RTL8111E

Wi-Fi: I use D-link DWR-932 which is supported natively, I can even run "sntp" when I used Clover to boot macOS installation

Audio controler: Realtek ALC892

I have bootable USB installator made with createinstallmedia on VM,

I followed dortania guide for Ivy Bridge and applied

Desktop iGPU + dGPU(HD 2000/3000):

AAPL,snb-platform-id | Data | 00000500

device-id | Data | 26010000

for headless iGPU (I assume this means iGPU is disabled). I didn't use SSDT-IMEI (not needed for disabled iGPU), but I generated and used SSDT-EC.

When I choose "OPEN CORE" from boot list, I either get a black screen with "_" or "no schema for block at 1 index concext acpi" (Depends if I rename "Delete" for "Block" in ACPI- not sure what's up with that but in guide screenshot shows "Block" while written text uses "Delete", former one gets

no schema for block at 1 index concext acpi

, the latter gets red flag from sanity check online toot, and I just get black screen with "_")

I will attach a screenshot of my EFI folder structure, here is a link to my config plist:

I would appreciate help, I already spent two days messing with Clover and a day and a half trying Open Core,


EDIT: my file structure

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