macOS Catalina Razer Blade Pro 17” 2020 Hackintosh Journey

Hi everyone, I’ve just purchased myself a new laptop because my MacBook Pro Retina from 2014 is kind of outdated and I’ve wanted a Razer for a while. I’m new to the hackintosh and installing macOS on Win10 so I would love to hear some people’s help and have some advice.

Specs are: - 10th Gen i7-10875H - Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax AX201 - 16GB DDR4 RAM - 512GB M.2 PCIE SSD - 17.3inch FHD 300Hz - GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q Design

I have a couple questions that I would love answered! I definitely need some help on this journey!

  1. I have read that Nvidia cards will not work on a hackintosh, just to confirm, is there a way around this?

  2. Will hackintosh run on my 10th Gen i7 CPU?

  3. Is my WiFi card compatible?

  4. Where do I start to do some research on the hackintosh and just learn it’s basics like installing it and booting to macOS etc? Is there guide to installing Catalina on a Razer Blade Pro?

I really want to get macOS installed for college and work, it’s fantastic with iMessage and FaceTime as well!

Thank you guys much appreciated!

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