[Help] Nvidia Drivers

spent more than week trying to solve nvidia drivers problems on High Sierra and all i got is a dead end , i googled a lot and tried a lot of guides but a didn’t figure it out well , i got a lot of problems one after another , if i fixed the black screen issue i got a problem with 0x0 at the end If it’s fixed a got a kernel cache problem , if i fix any problem i get another one and all because i want to make my 1050 ti just to work Tried mojave but i know that it didn’t support nvidia so i downgrade to High Sierra with these issues , now i’m really upset because of all that and i want a final solution to make my hackintosh work properly. My setup is : MSI B350M bazooka Ryzen 5 1600 Nvidia 1050 ti Any help or a working guide are very appreciated. Sorry for lot of talking

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