Broadwell (Intel HD Graphics 5500) Support with WhateverGreen + Big Sur


I am currently porting my OpenCore configuration for an HP Spectre x360 ( to support Big Sur. However, I have run into an issue: if I enable WhateverGreen with my current configuration, I get a kernel panic with the following information:

Panic on FB Memory manager Init. Required stolen memory size (58728256 bytes) is higher than available (33558336 bytes)

If I set an invalid ig-platform-id, I am able to run macOS, albeit with a very limited UI.

I think that I can get around this issue by modifying either the framebuffer-stolenmem and the framebuffer-fbmem values. However, I don't know what considerations should I take before modifying their values (and the OpenCore guide does not explain what do the default values mean).

OpenCore version: 0.6.0

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500

CPU: Intel Core i7 (Broadwell)

My config.plist file is:

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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