What budget ITX motherboard to get?

This is roughly what my shopping cart from a local retailer (Extreme Tech, Costa Rica) currently looks like: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7WTT9G

It’s been a while since I last built a PC and I have some new questions:

  1. They have similar prices on the 5500 XT 4/8GB and 580 8GB GPUs. Which of these offer better compatibility and performance? Should I go ASRock or Sapphire?
  2. The Anti-Hackintosh guide advises against basically any 300 series Intel motherboard. What budget ITX should I get? (this one I have to buy from Amazon US, so if you could link me up, I’d appreciate it).
  3. Should I wait for 10-gen CPUs? I’m not building this immediately.

I already have a BCM94352Z and an ADATA NVMe; I want the hackintoshing to be as lean as possible.

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