Troubleshooting bootable USB intaller

Hello everyone!

I've been on the quest for a dual boot hackintosh machine for somewhere around a month now and just can't seem to make it (quite a noobie still eheh). I've been following the main desktop guide (vanilla);

  • I don't own a macOS machine, so I used VirtualBox (this increased troubleshooting time a bit but don't have many other options)
  • I do have 2 different drives to separately install both OSs

Now, after creating a bootable Catalina USB installer and installing clover and associated EFI partition on said USB, pasting over the very basic kexts (VirtualSMC, USBinjectAll, WhateverGreen, Lilu, AppleALC and RTL8111) and creating the config.plist for my system (skylake) I booted the USB.

All seemed well, but after 2 reboots I got a black screen. Went back to my VM on Windows and after a bit of google I realized the issue was possibly the wrong ig-platform-id "code". So I rebooted with that and got a kernel panic. I guess my next step is doing everything again from the beginning(?).

Throughout my process I have some doubts I couldn't find much about:

  • if my install fails in a way or another (kp, black screen, error message, whatever), can I edit my config.plist or add/remove kexts from my EFI's installer partition and simply boot it and try again? Or do I need to reinstall clover/format the drive and remake the installer all over again?
  • How important is BIOS configuration actually? I've found all kinds of settings around the web, some even conflicting: so can you guys tell me if there is a foundation of settings to begin with, as in only the necessary ones?
  • What is your process to troubleshoot issue while installing macOS to your machines?

This is my hardware if anyone's interested:

CPU: i5 6500 (skylake)

Motherboard: Asus H170 pro

GPU: AMD rx470 (sapphire)

Thanks in advance!

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