New build for my hackintosh

Hi! I'm going to build my first hackintosh for rendering and graphics in general (blender, keyshot, Adobe pack etc.), I was thinking of Windows dual boot with different ssd. My first option was a Ryzen 5/7 3000 series but I read that cpu and problems with Adobe Pack, so Intel, specifically i7 9700k or 9600k, is the best compromise for me. I ask for the maximum possible stability (ok stability is in relation to the kexts that I inject, but I'm looking for a consolidated build :)) and I'm open to other configurations with other CPUs. The budget is 500€ max 700€ without considering psu, case, monitor and for now gpu (I was thinking of rx 580 8gb). My current configuration is i5 4590, h97m and r9 280x, I tried to create a hackintosh but it was full of problems, I spent 4 days trying to solve many problems but nothing, the bios of h97m is strange there is not everything is need to continue (tips?) and maybe it's not entirely incompatible, so I let it go. That's all! Ah sorry for my bad english!

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