Laptop Display Issue

Hi there,

I am using a Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 3 and I want to make a Hackintosh out of it using OpenCore. The Laptop uses a i7 5600U (Broadwell) Chip and therefore has a Intel HD 5500 graphics unit. I have a installation stick ready with macOS Catalina and OpenCore. The Configuration seems to be right because I am able to boot. My problem is that my internal screen turns black shortly after I briefly see the Apple logo (after verbose boot). I know that the installer gets loaded correctly because if I disconnect the internal screen and plug in a monitor via mini Display Port I could install macOS. Before trying to use OpenCore I used Clover and I had the same issue there with one difference. With the Clover installation i was able to set the system to sleep mode by holding down the power button and after exiting sleep mode by pressing escape my screen worked.

Has anybody any idea how I could fix this issue? I can't explain to myself why the screen doesn't work. If the graphics card would be configured wrong I would expect that the screen isn't working at all.

Thanks in advance. If you need further information just ask for it. I will try my best to provide this information.

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