Dual Boot Issue: Slow Wifi on Windows 10, Perfectly normal on MacOS

As stated in the title, I have a dual boot system:

  • Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard
  • Intel i9 - 9900k
  • Radeon VII
  • Two SSD's - Samsung 970 m.2 running Mojave and a Samsung 860 running Windows 10 Pro
  • Fenvi t919 wifi adapter

My default boot is into Mac and everything works as intended. I'm getting my usual Wifi speeds. However, when I boot into Windows. Sometimes it takes time for the system to find my wifi connection and when it does, I'm getting extremely slow wifi speeds when tested on Google.

On the Mac boot, I’m getting around 168mbps download and 7mbps upload. On my Windows boot, I’m breaking 3mbps & 1mbps respectively if I’m lucky.

I've attempted all the work-arounds people have posted online - update drivers, uninstall the driver and reinstall, forget the network, enabled metered networks. Haven't had any luck. Was hoping someone could help me out here. Makes no sense why I'm getting super slow speeds only on Windows 10. Thanks!

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