Custom SSDT Designare Z390 | Be Quiet Silent Base 801

Hello Friends,

In the past I had problems with my BT card (BCM94360CS2) which sporadically disconnected.

The BT card is currently connected to the internal USB Hub (HS11) down on the left of the board. The front ports are connected to the FUSB30 (HS05/HS06) port on the motherboard.

I have tested my current SSDT with my tower front ports as follows:

  • USB3 Front Right HS05
  • USB3 Front Middle HS06
  • USB2 Front Left HS11

As you can see the front USB2 Port is using the same HS11 port on the board as the BT card. How can I disable the front left USB2 port, so that my BT issues disappear?

Board Layout in this Post

Silent Base 801 Tower

Thanks in advance

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