Clover is unable to detect my macOS installer

Hi everyone. I'm new to this server and new to hackintoshing in general, and, I could use your help with something. I recently tried to create a bootable USB installer for macOS Catalina using VMWare. I created the installer by downloading the official files from the App Store and then using Disk Creator to create a bootable USB. I then followed the guides to install Clover Bootloader on to the same USB and installed the necessary drivers and kexts. However, when I tried to boot into the USB now on my Asus ROG desktop, Clover does not detect the macOS installer on my USB at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyone here who might be able to take a look at my files (config.plist,etc.) and tell me if there's something amiss? I could really use the help.

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