unable to boot mojave’s from clover, keep getting acpi error. pictures included

i built my own boot stick, no unibeast. tried to build my own config.plst file but found i got much farther using rehabMan’s clover laptop config UHD630

i am trying to hackintosh my gigabyte aero 15x which has a coffee lake i7, integrated uhd630 graphics, a gtx 1070 and a 4k monitor.

originally i followed https://youtu.be/f8vSkpW4pUw this guide and got all the way to installing mojave until the install got stuck at two minutes and i fucked with stuff and now i rebuilt my install usb following the vanilla guide and can’t even get as far as i did.

using -x seems to have a different output but i havnt included pictures of it yet

i included pictures of my verbose output while it was running and when it stopped and a picture of my kexts files, i’m on mobile rn but if anyone wants an actual copy of my kext or config i’ll add that too

what is causing this error and what do i do? google hasn’t provided me much unfortunately

any help is greatly appreciated


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