Future of 3rd gen Threadripper chips on Hackintosh

The third gen threadripper chips have been out for a "while" now, and on the official

amd-osx website, it is stated that it will boot but has chipset issues, and won't work very well.

Is there any update to this, or will there be an update to this in 2020?

Some background:

I am building a hackintosh with a 1080ti, high sierra 10.13.6 for light tensorflow training on macos, just in case I lose access to my campus's gpu cloud. (I had this problem before, and it wasn't fun. I will lose it when I graduate too, which is also not fun!)

I also want a lot of cores due to some other operations I will be performing. Thus the decision to build with threadripper. The hack won't be built for a year or so, so I was wondering about its future.

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