Question About Keyboard/Trackpad

Okay, figured i'd come here because you guys seem to be far more knowledgeable about the inner workings of MacOS than anyone else. I'm having an issue that could potentially be solved by some sort of Kext Modding.

My friend has a MacBook Pro 2015 with the force touch trackpad. It works perfectly fine when booting Linux with both the trackpad and keyboard working flawlessly. Both the keyboard and trackpad have basically shit out in MacOS. After a total wipe and clean install the mac no longer even has all the options in the trackpad panel. Now since the keyboard and trackpad are working in Linux but not MacOS it seems like it may be something firmware related. I've reset the SMC and tried clearing the NVRAM from both the bios/bootloader and through the command line. Nothing is fixing it.

I was wondering what the best course of action would be since he wants to keep MacOS on it and does not want to use it with Linux. Is there any sort of kext mod i could make to try to get them working? From what I've read it seems like MacOS recognizes the trackpad and keyboard using a different protocol than linux, but i was wondering if i can make any sort of mods that will allow me to use the trackpad and keyboard through the same method that Linux is using to pick up on it. Any information, resources, or help is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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