Motherboard and CPU for Ultrafine 5K 1st Gen

Hi all, its been a while...

I have a bit of an edge case build I'm eyeing up and hope some folks here can help. I'm currently using a MacBook Pro (13" 2017) an eGPU (RX5700XT) for work (design) and play (PUBG). I'm also using the first gen 5K Ultrafine which I love, tried other monitors, and I just cant do it. I know I know...

My FPS isn't the best (due to weak U class dual core cpu) and after watching some videos it looks like there are tangible improvements in game play if you can hit 100-140 even if your monitor is limited to 60hz as mine is (Source: Linus tech tips with some streamers).

So what I'm looking to do is build a SFFPC with a TB3 mobo (I know, its a choice of 2 really) to power the Ultrafine and try and hit 120fps.

With that in mind what are my options? The intel mobo is limited to 20gbs TB3 speeds while the AMD one is full speed but 100 quid more. Then there is CPU - am I right to assume I need one with an onboard graphics chip to get any output from the TB3 port? I know this can work without directly connecting to the GPU as Linus also did a video where he put together a build using a card with no outputs (mining GPU).

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the 5K connect to a 20GBS TB3 port?

Why am I asking on the Hack sub? Because chances are I will try and instal macOS on it at some point and people are more likely to have a 5K on here.

I know both options are less than ideal.

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