Ethernet not working during installation


I’m currently trying to convert my laptop (Acer aspire vn7-792G) into an Hackintosh and so I just went through the internet installation guide and finished the whole fishing part, so I have my boot loader ready with all the files I’m supposed to have ( ) but I still struggle to get the Ethernet working : it doesn’t seems to work and therefore I can’t access Apple servers :/

The kext I’m using is the RealtekRTL8111, I copied it directly into the USB key (UEFI) in the Kexts/other directory.

My Ethernet driver seems to be the Realtek 8168 but there’s also that Aetheros QCA61x4A wireless network adapter (the name seems explicit but it still confuses me, I’m really novice haha)

Anyway, if you got have any advise that’d be sweet.

Thanks for reading!

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