Dual Monitors not working

I currently have a hackintosh setup, however only 1 of my 2 monitors outputs video. The other is black and doesn't detect any input. GPU is Intel UHD 630 which is detected as 1536 MB graphics. Monitor number 1 is a Optix MAG monitor and monitor number 2 is an Acer monitor. I have an HDMI cable running to the Optix monitor and a DVI cable running to the Acer monitor. The weird thing is, macOS is outputting video to the Optix monitor, but display preferences say that the only detected monitor is the Acer monitor (which is a black screen and detects no input). If I unplug either monitor, the display goes black and neither monitor detects any input. I tried some framebuffer stuff a while ago to no effect but I may have done it incorrectly. Config.plist: https://pastebin.com/NdHq4E78


Mobo: Asrock z390 Pro4 CPU: Intel i5 9600k GPU: Intel UHD 630 (Geforce RTX 2080 is plugged into the mobo for my Windows boot but it's not being used by macOS)

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