Advice upgrading existing built to 4k output

I have a well running build based on the following: CPU: intel i7 3770 MOBO: GA-Z77N-WIFI RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) GRAPHICS: integrated OS: Mojave

I'd like to be able to drive a 4k monitor ideally at 60hz. I assume (although correct me if I'm wrong because my MacBook Air can do it) that the integrated graphics would not be able to run 4k at all. If that is the case I was hoping to get advice on a graphics card that would allow me to use 4k 60hz. My priorities are:

  1. Ease of integration: ideally something that works OOB or w/o much setup.

  2. Price: I want to spend as little as possible. I only need to drive one 4k monitor and I don't game so I don't need compute help from the GPU as much as I just need 4k out.

  3. One PCI slot: ideally it would fit in a single PCI slot. This is preferred but not necessary since I could switch to a case that could fit a double slot card.

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