"Reboot and Select Proper Device" warning when trying to install Mojave on Hackintosh

I spent my day building my first Hackintosh, and seem to have run into another large snag. I am unable to use my Mojave installed USB, though it's recognized in my BIOS, as a boot drive. I have followed Morgonaut's guide to my Asus BIOS setup, and corroborated at least ten other forums, but I'm still getting the warning to "Reboot and Select Proper Device," every time I try to boot up. It's clear to me that the USB and my M.2 1tb SSD are talking with the motherboard, as they show up in the BIOS. However, even when I try to F8 my way into drive selection, neither of them show up and I am forced to either shut down or return to BIOS.

I'm hoping someone can lend some insight to what I may have done wrong here. I've followed the online tutorials to the "T", and tried several clover config. options to see if that gets me any headway, but the roadblock persists. I have attached a list of my hardware, in the hopes that this helps. If anyone has dealt with this before, or knows a good guide, please help... I have scoured the web and keep coming up short on this one.

MB: Asus Prime Z390-A

Cooler: Corsair H115i Pro Water Cooler (Radiator, fans, LEDs, all unresponsive)

CPU: Intel i9 9900k

PSU: Corsair 850x

GPU: Radeon 64 Vega (LED's and fans wont boot or show any signs of receiving power)

1tb Pro ssd

32 gig Corsair Vengeance RAM

I'm going to crash for the night, but if you need any more info, please comment what it is and I will send it to you once I'm up in the morning.

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