OpenCore question - device renaming via SSDT

Hey all! I've mostly gotten my Catalina system running 100% under OpenCore 0.5.1, and am in the "small tweaks" phase of cleaning things up. It's my understanding from reading docs, posts on Insanelymac, etc. that it's being encouraged to use SSDTs to rename ACPI devices rather than global search/replace on the ACPI tables (via ACPI->Add instead of ACPI->Patch in the config.plist in other words). I actually only want to do a single rename, SAT0->SATA; I don't think it's actually completely required but it's more of just a 'closer to real Macs' type thing for me, heh. :)

Which brings me to my question. I have a working ACPI patch that does this replacement, but looking around online doesn't seem to find any real information on how to build an SSDT to accomplish this rename. I can find a few examples of device renames from people active in the OC dev scene but no actual explanation as to why they included what they did in the rename, and they seemingly arbitrarily include directives without any commentary on them. So -- can someone please direct me to a site I can do a bit more research on the background behind that so I can understand how to construct one on my own? Thanks!

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