Migrating MacOS from one drive to another

I have a MacOS Sierra Hackintosh setup done on my SSD. However, I’ve not been using it much because it doesn’t have WiFi and I’m out mostly these days (when I made the hackintosh, I was usually connected to Ethernet all day). Anyway, that led me to tinkering with Linux and so that’s my daily driver now. Half of my SSD is Fedora while the other half is macOS. Also, Clover is my main boot loader. Now, I have an HDD also present in my laptop. How can I transfer my macOS install to the HDD and install something else (say Windows) on the SSD (I mean, why waste half the SSD for something I’m not going to use?). The only reason I am asking this is because I don’t want to completely remove macOS (it makes me feel proud to have a hackintosh and I love booting from clover... it’s customisable and pretty)

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