Help needed with display problem.

Hi. I just used the vanilla install guide linked in the sidebar to install Mojave on a Lenovo m92p tower.


CPU: Intel i7-3770

GPU: Intel igpu hd 4000

Motherboard: Lenovo proprietary

Networking: I use onboard Ethernet

Monitor: LG 24MP55-HQ 23 inch 1080p IPS 60hz

The install went smoothly. Internet works fine, audio is working, and even sleep is working fine.

The issue is : fonts are very blurry.

Icons and graphics are fine.

Now my motherboard only has a VGA and Display port while monitor has a VGA and HDMI. VGA doesn't let the macOS boot, so I use a DP to HDMI cable.

Fixes that I have tried:

Font smoothing, using terminal to enable font antialiasing, using various smoothing values (int 1, 2, 3 etc).

I plugged it using the same DP to HDMI cable into my 43 inch 4k TV and the fonts looked crisp all of a sudden.

So what I am thinking of right now is:

Buy a cheap GT 710 ($55 CAD) and use it's HDMI port to my monitor directly.

Buy a new monitor, but if I am spending $200+ on a monitor, I would rather spend a little extra on a new gpu+psu, or a cheap hackintosh-able laptop, or just buy a 2012 mac mini for the sweet inflated price of $500 CAD :(

Only reason for this hackintosh is coding for iOS but the fonts are driving me crazy.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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