Anybody know of a way to build a Windows 10 installer on macOS Mojave? I’ve tried every possible search result on Google, but nothing is working.

Only reason this is Hackintosh related is that I’m trying to install the drivers and firmware for update for my new Gigabyte Titan Ridge thunderbolt card and it turns out you can only do it on Windows. Being in a Mac only house has proven challenging for creating a Windows 10 USB installer.

I’ve tried every option on Google and YouTube that I could find with no luck. Formatting in Disk Utility, Terminal, using Unetbootin, cp, dd, even tried building the installer in a Windows VirtualBox VM, but none of these installers work on my machine. The installer loads but always says it can’t find the drivers needed to run the installer.

I even bought a dedicated SSD for the Windows install thinking the partition might be the problem but no luck.

Does anyone have any tips for creating the Windows 10 USB installer in macOS?

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