VMware and Sierra ISO

I have a MBP and the official macOS DMG for Sierra, HS, and Mojave, converted to ISO files. I've attempted to follow guides to install on VMware but they always use that shared Google drive VMDK. I don't want to use that shared build.

Questions: Should the original DMG file being used be the "BaseSystem.dmg" or the App installer that's typically around 5-6GB?

How do I use the clean DMG converted to ISO files and have a successful boot with them?

I have tried modifying the .vmxf config files and I add smc.version = "0" but my boot still fails. So I may be using the wrong DMG file or missing a step somewhere.

I recently came across a post saying make sure I have another line in the .vmfx file firmware = "efi" and haven't had a chance to try that yet. I was going to try and follow this guide when I get home InsanelyMac VMware for Beginners

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